'Send the army to the border to SHOOT migrants' Shocking call of Pegida's leading woman

EUROPE'S most powerful far-right woman has shockingly called on Angela Merkel to dispatch armed forces to Germany’s southern border to SHOOT migrants trying to enter the country.

The deputy leader of the controversial Pegida movement claimed Muslim refugees are committing “sex jihad” against women and gay men and called on people to “grab our pitchforks and fight the Islamisation of Europe”.

In an inflammatory interview Tatjana Festerling also said the Burka should be banned across the continent and claimed Western Germany is now being run as a “caliphate”, with churches being forced to remove crucifixes and kindergartens taking pork off the menu.

Her controversial remarks come amid growing unrest in Germany over the effects off mass migration, with the country having taken in more than a million refugees over the last 12 months.

Thousands turned out for a Pegida march in Dresden earlier this month, with similar protests inspired by the far-right group being held in Calais, Amsterdam, Prague, Dublin and Birmingham.

The group, which originated in Germany, stands for “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West” and has been attracting growing support amid a fierce backlash against Mrs Merkel’s open door asylum policy.

In a highly controversial interview today its deputy leader Ms Festerling urged populations across Europe to “f*** decency” and commit themselves to the “fight against Islamisation”

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In all the articles published by the main stream media not a single one addresses the reason why the MIGRANT crisis exists and who caused it!!